Udbhav Schools

I’m associated with Udbhav School and it gives me great joy

With a vision to transform the lives of 10,000 unprivileged children, the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad- Hyderabad chapter has started Udbhav School.

Udbhav team is comprised of CEOs, Civil servants, Senior administration officials, and Corporate leaders. Our mission is to create an environment and provide the resources to children to learn work and life skills to achieve their highest potential.

We share a belief that our lives have been transformed by the opportunities we got and the same should be made available to others.

At Udbhav School, children are groomed in academics, sports, soft skills with a special emphasis on STEM education. We involve parents in the effort to ensure the child continues his/her education and progresses to higher education.

Our objective is to help the children to raise at least 2 economic levels from their current status.

Jobs Connect

We wanted to bring employers and those seeking employment to connect with each other

A team in a van (eVan) visits micro and small enterprises in the city and lists their staffing needs. Next the team visits areas like bus stops, slum colonies, colleges and identifies unemployed youth. They map them to the requirements listed from the SME’s & MSME’s they had contacted earlier. 

Jobs and job seekers are mapped meeting needs of both. Udyogaratnam (eVan) is staffed with job counsellors to guide the youth and is equipped with computers, kiosks and interview spaces to share all the information on job opportunties. Candidates are made aware of opportunities while employers fullfill their manpower needs. At no cost to both, but benefit to both! 

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